November 05, 2008

Freedom Fries?

Why the French never took John McCain that seriously:

Mccain foods

John McCain: not to be confused with McCain Foods.

McCain Foods Limited, fondée en 1957, est une entreprise canadienne spécialisée dans la transformation et la distribution de produits alimentaires. Elle est surtout connue en tant que productrice de frites.

McCain Foods is known above all for disgusting "American-style" microwave/freezer fries.  The French are often astonished that Americans have actually never heard of McCain fries; the company is Canadian.

I guess it's only fair; at one point I was surprised to learn that the French do not consider French fries to be français. "They're from Belgium!"

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For more information about the history of Fries, please read the comic book 'Asterix in Belgium' ;-)

Posted by: French Sweetie | Nov 6, 2008 7:49:38 AM

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