October 07, 2008

Tonight's Debate between Obama, McCain, and My Wife

Tonight's debate between Obama, McCain and my (French) wife had some unexpected moments. 

I'll give you some unedited quotes of the French perspective in just a minute.

My general impressions of the debaters: McCain; tired (slightly out of breath?), stiff.  Obama: dynamic, sometimes frustrated but usually smiling and relaxed.

Key moments: Obama seizing the initiative by responding—though the rules didn't allow it—after McCain repeated his mischaracterization of Obama's position on attacking Bin Laden in Pakistan. McCain was put completely off-balance by Obama's robust answer, and he deserved it since he knew better than to repeat his tired attack. On the other side, McCain's strongest moment came when he acknowledged the retired Navy Chief who asked him a question about how the US should respond if Iran attacks Israel.

And now on to the unfiltered commentary:

"General impression: McCain: no neck, very short arms.  I think this man is shrinking with age, that's his problem. Obama--super beau.

"I really felt like kissing Obama when he said children should all be covered, that preexisting conditions should not be considered—the insurance companies are just monsters when they say that even a cancer can be a preexisting condition or that you won't be covered because one 'can't have a cancer before age 40' like the 23 year-old woman in Sicko with the cancer of the uterus.  I think only the government can stop the insurance companies from making money on the back of people and preventing them from getting the coverage they are entitled to from a human rights perspective.

"[Then I wanted to kiss him again] when he said America won't be a force for good in the world without taking into account its allies.  Instead of having George Bush going over the United Nations and calling Europe the Axis of Evil, when as friends we were trying to help by warning you against the war in Iraq.  How can you guys call yourselves 'good' when you created a war and you are responsible for all these deaths?  I don't know about you, but I think about all these American and Iraqi mothers who have lost their kids in this war.  This is so disgusting for all the other countries in the world. Vraiment écoeurant.  [McCain] would be doing the same, the kind of "strong hand on the tiller" would just do what he thinks without listening to anyone.  And then he'd call us the axis of evil. The Republicans would never talk about working with us, they don't care about us!  Just because we're not a military power.  Do you realize what could have happened if America had sent some soldiers to Darfur instead of Iraq?  Can you imagine what could happen if we could all work together? We could stop genocides from happening. Yeah, I really felt like kissing Obama.  He would take allies into account.

"And now the French perspective is: hungry. Let's go to dinner."

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I LOVE hearing this French perspective. I would like to hear more of the French perspective in future blog entries ;-)

Also, I'm pleased in general to see so much blogging. It's like there's some kind of election coming. Thanks for the post!

Posted by: The Maple Leafian | Oct 8, 2008 10:23:58 AM

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