June 08, 2008

Thank You Senator Clinton

As everyone who reads this blog knows, I've been a fierce supporter of Barack Obama for a long time.  But I want to dedicate this post to Senator Clinton, especially after her gracious speech yesterday.

Hillary's always been a leading advocate for universal health care. Having lived in France, where the health care was superb, I can testify that by contrast the American system is shamefully inadequate and bureaucratic.  Hillary has been right to continue to fight for improvements, and I'm confident she will play an important role in getting the United States where it needs to be.

Hillary is also a powerful speaker.  Her speech on Saturday demonstrated once again that she knows her audience and knows how to connect with the people in it. She is a much stronger speaker than John McCain, for example, despite his many years in public service, and her ability to fire up a crowd is real.  It's part of the reason she is truly a talented politician.

And while it's hard for me to admit it, her relentless persistence is admirable as well.  This primary season has gone on for a long time, but it has allowed both Democratic candidates to build infrastructure in all 50 states, and on balance that may prove a boon to the Democrats. Regardless, there's no doubt that no matter what happens now, Hillary has served as a role model for millions of American women, and demonstrated that they should never give up or let anyone tell them they can't do something.

So here's to you Hillary Clinton.  Congratulations on an historic, ceiling-breaking campaign.

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