February 22, 2008

Not the Kind of Post-Debate Press She Was Looking For

An increasingly improbable series of events must occur for Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic nomination.  One of these would have been a major stumble by Obama in last night's debate in Texas.  However, it didn't happen, and judging from today's news stories, she's the one who stumbled by leading some viewers to wonder whether she was quitting the race.

For example, the New York Times story on the debate, "Clinton Says Debate Remarks Not Meant as Farewell," said,

[In the debate,] Mrs. Clinton  said that, “whatever happens” in the election contest, she and Mr. Obama would prosper.

Aides insisted the remark was not an admission that she believed she would lose the race but rather an attempt to refocus the campaign from the drama of the two compelling and historic candidates battling for the nomination to the struggles of ordinary voters.

I can't imagine she's happy with the topic of her leaving the race even being raised in the post-debate coverage.  By the way, there's only one debate left; it's in Ohio next Tuesday.

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