November 08, 2006

Washington's 8th Congressional District: Still Too Close to Call

Washington's 8th District, "the fighting 8th," was expected to be one of the closest House races this year and Democrat's best hope to pick up a Republican seat in our state. Though there has never been a Democratic representative in the 8th, incumbent Dave Reichert is on the ropes because of his long-standing support for George Bush.

The Democratic candidate, Darcy Burner, is a political newcomer.  She is a former Microsoft program manager (like me), who left the workforce to become a full-time mother and then decided to get into politics when she saw the problems facing our country.

This past weekend, I briefly met Darcy and ran into her repeatedly in the course of volunteering.  I was struck by her down-to-earth attitude, her passion, and the evident gratefulness she felt to see so many people working on her behalf.

While the process was not without snafus (along with seven other volunteers, I spent an afternoon correcting misprinted door-hangers), the turn-out operation led by Rahm Emanuel and local leaders worked pretty well.  Thanks to their organization, I was able to provide an elderly woman with a ride to the polls, I met registered Democrats face-to-face in rural Carnation and Duvall where the biggest challenge was trying to navigate my Prius down unpaved roads, and I made countless phone calls reminding supporters to vote.

True to predictions, the race is so close that still it has not been called. But regardless of what happens, I feel like I made a difference in my own small way.  Good luck Darcy!

Update: Get the latest results here.

Late Update: Darn, the Seattle P-I reports a Reichert victory. I just received an email from the campaign, and she has called a press conference at 11am tomorrow [November 13].

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