November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld's Resignation

On April 1st of this year I wrote a post called Rumsfeld Resigns. At the time my limited audience of Latte readers (many of them close friends) rejoiced that a change in our Iraq policy was cominguntil they realized it was just a cruel April Fools Day joke.

Despite enough revelations of deadly incompetence in the Pentagon to fill a bookshelf, it took until last night's transformative election for Bush to finally realize that staying the course wasn't working and to ask Rumsfeld to resign.

But now, some people may still think it's an April Fool joke.  That's because the first Google search result for "Rumsfeld Resigns" is a link to the satirical post on this blog!  So let me welcome the 5,000+ people who have visited Latte today, and let me reassure you that this time, it's for real. Hallelujah.

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Haha, that is great, found you on technorati, luckily not google :D

Posted by: Miles | Nov 8, 2006 10:58:17 PM

Actually, I found Latte by searching for info on the subject. I was surprised that there was only old stories about Rumsfeld resigning, as I'd caught the tv news hours before. Is an end in sight?

Posted by: Jen | Nov 9, 2006 8:06:49 AM

Reality is what others dig it to be, and the manipulation of reality is the definition of power, so, c'mon, bask a little.

Posted by: zell | Jan 13, 2007 7:55:39 AM

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