April 25, 2006

The Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority

Hugh Hewitt, the man who oversaw “construction of the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace,” appeared last night on the Colbert Report to flog his new book, Painting the Map Red, the Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority.

The ubiquitous Hewitt is also a blogger and columnist, and his attacks toe the Party line: environmentalists are “alarmists,” the media have a “liberal bias,” gas prices are high because of taxes, the economy is in great shape, if Democrats win the midterm elections we will “lose the war,” etc. etc.

On the “Report,” Hewitt restated his goal to prevent a filibuster by increasing the number of Republican senators to 60, and reeled off a list of Democratic senators he considers vulnerable in the November elections, including Debbie Stabenow (MI) and Maria Cantwell (WA). The poisonous National Review Online, where Hewitt is a columnist, published a list almost a year ago of races to watch, and though a lot has changed since then, many of the Senators he targeted are on the list.

Watching this broadcast after hearing rumors of a planned “October surprise” before the coming congressional elections got me thinking. What am I doing to make sure people who think like Hewitt don’t get elected? I went straight to Senator Cantwell’s Web site and registered as a volunteer.

And Latte reader, I pose the question to you: can you spare the time—any time at all—to support a candidate who will help defeat the Republicans in November?  Have you signed up yet?

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Jan Schakowski, baby!
Every year, my excellent mom-in-law and I go to the luncheon and then volunteer. And we are fortunate enough to be represented by Obama and Durbin in the Senate. You and I once were the the constituents of Carl Levin, too. He rocks.

Having said that, I have *no doubt whatsoever* that our GOP-led Gov't will be either bombing Iran, pulling massive amounts of troups prematurely from Iraq (I would guess up to 40,000), or finding some domestic subterfuge (read: "eeks! gay marriage!") like the last time to get the otherwise-unmoved to the polls.

Frankly, we need to be hearing more concrete stuff from the opposition party. I love 'em, but we obviously can't try to win with an "anything-but-what-we-already-have ballot" again. ahem.

Posted by: dks | Apr 27, 2006 8:08:54 PM

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