September 13, 2005

The Return of Bad Idea Jeans

Some of my favorite “Saturday Night Live” sketches were the fake commercials for “Bad Idea Jeans.” Here are a few classics (thanks to

Normally I wear protection, but then I thought, “When am I gonna make it back to Haiti?”

After each of these “testimonies,” on the screen you would see “BAD IDEA” in big letters.

Another one:

Well, he's an ex free-base addict, and he's trying to turn around, and he needs a place to stay for a couple of months.


After a few of these, you’d see the logo below appear, and the announcer would say, in a classic advertising voice: “Bad Idea Jeans.” These segments crack me up just thinking about them.


It’s time to bring back these commercials, and I’ve already got a couple of ideas, taken from real news stories:

We at GM may have had some problems recently, but we’re betting our recovery on large pickups and SUVs.


I was losing sleep over whom to appoint to FEMA, but then I thought, what’s the worst that could happen?


Let's just tell people that we're not sure if global warming exists.



More to come…

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I love the jeans are garments that never goes out of fashion, have been used for years and have never left the market by the dozens I have them and use them daily, I love the theme.
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