July 28, 2005

Your Favorite Doublespeak

Latte readers, I am looking for your favorite examples of doublespeak from the current administration, whether on the Iraq war, global warming, energy policy, health care, etc.

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Here's one for you:


Last week, the president employed doublespeak again. In the name of "improving" Head Start -- the federally funded preschool program that provides early educational, health and nutrition services to 1 million impoverished children -- he pressed Congress to pass legislation that would allow states to "opt in" and to match block grants to participate in the program.

"Opt in." Sounds generous and inclusive, doesn't it? But what it really means is shifting responsibility for Head Start to the states, most of which are crushed by budget deficits and don't have the money to fund the quality programs that prepare poor children to arrive at school ready to learn. The result? The quality of Head Start program would vary widely, with cuts decided by individual states.

Posted by: Gerald | Aug 20, 2005 9:35:26 AM

My favourite incident this week of doublespeak was from canadian MP and 'Human rights' professer, Michael Ignatieff in The Weekend Australian, 'To Ask The Tough Questions' (1st April 06).
He submitted an opinion piece about the difference in both theory and practice, and the moral difference between 'coercive interrogation' and torture.
Quite well written but fails to justify and persuade.

Posted by: sammy d | Apr 3, 2006 8:23:32 PM

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