May 04, 2005

Now that's Cheeky!

Tomorrow the British people will choose their next prime minister.  Despite the fact that most voters believe he lied about Iraq, Tony Blair is likely to win a third term. The main opposition party, the conservative Tories, have run a visionless campaign based on tacit appeals to xenophobia. Their slogan is “Are you thinking what we’re thinking,” and many supporters understand that the rest of the phrase goes “about all these damn (mostly legal) immigrants?” It is practically the same as the slogan used by Nazi-apologist Jean Marie LePen’s National Front: “vous pensez ce que nous pensons.”

But who says all British politics is dreary? The racy lingerie store Agent Provocateur has brightened their shop windows with a bit of pre-election advertising. One fishnet clad mannequin holds a sign asking “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” Her twin’s reads, “Vote Agent Provocateur to get your member in!” Member of Parliament, I presume.

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Poor, stupid Tony Blair! Hitching his wagon to Bush's evil, dilapidated mare. I saw a report that the liberals kept showing images of Blair and Bush together to keep up the resentment against him. This was a totally weird election for them: they didn't really have a choice.

But at least when the British government royally messes up, lies about it, and loses their people's trust, they don't come back with MORE seats in government!

Posted by: dks | May 9, 2005 1:20:33 PM

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