March 31, 2005

The Numbers

It’s time to update the stereotype; we’re not just “latte-sipping, Mini-driving, sushi-eating” liberals: we are now “Firefox-browsin’” liberals.

At the end of January, I embedded Site Meter in this blog. It shows, among other things, that the percentage of people who use Internet Explorer to read this site has been deteriorating fast — it’s now down to 56% of the total. 29% are using Firefox, and the rest are using other browsers like Safari and Netscape.

Indeed, an article published yesterday says that blogs in general have a higher rate of Firefox usage than the 5-10% measured on the Web as a whole. That’s not too surprising because blog readers tend to be relatively technically savvy.

However, Firefox seems to be significantly more popular among readers of liberal blogs than conservative ones. For example, liberal DailyKos has 39% Firefox, whereas conservative blogs PowerLine and Hugh Hewitt have Firefox usage of half that rate. The share on has actually declined to 5.4% from 6.3% a couple weeks ago, according to Site Meter.

I guess it’s natural; conservatives resist change by definition. Admittedly though, my analysis is less than scientific — it would be interesting to hear from other bloggers if you are seeing the same trends.

By the way, according to Typepad, as of today Latte has been viewed more than 10,000 times since the first post on November 21. Thanks to all of you for reading Latte, and especially my good friends in New Jersey who made it their homepage, thus substantially boosting the numbers :).

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It doesn't matter... Opera is like FireFox, only better, so your numbers mean nothing to me.

Posted by: Jordan | Apr 3, 2005 12:37:27 AM

Numbers don't mean anything to me either, but that's just because I was never very good at math. I do enjoy this blog, though :)

Posted by: SheaNC | Apr 4, 2005 12:19:28 AM

Shea's always got my back...cheers for that!

Speaking of numbers, I have a question for Jordan, or others who know: Is Opera free or not? I can't figure it out from their site; there is a Free Download button next to the Buy button. Is the Buy button for suckers?

Posted by: Will Friedman | Apr 4, 2005 1:02:11 AM

To answer Will Friedman's question: There is a free and a pay version of Opera. The free version has banner ads built into the browser.

Posted by: Jonathan K. | Apr 7, 2005 2:30:39 AM

I tried opera for a while, and I like it, but I have been using an alternative browser for a while that I like better than any of them. It's called Slimbrowser, and you can find it here:

With my luck, it's probably not secure at all...

Posted by: SheaNC | Apr 11, 2005 8:00:14 PM

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