March 30, 2008

Major Bloggers and Columnists Support Obama

Top liberal bloggers are supporting the following candidates:

Obama Clinton
Josh Marshall (TPM) Jerome Armstrong (MyDD)
Markos ZĂșniga  (Daily Kos)
Ariana Huffington  (Huff. Post)

Newspaper columnists tend not to do endorsements. But their columns generally lean in one direction, and again the trend is clear among progressives:

Obama Clinton
Frank Rich (NYT) Paul Krugman (NYT)
Maureen Dowd (NYT)
E.J. Dionne (Wash. Post)
Eugene Robinson (Wash. Post)
Bob Herbert (NYT)
Nicolas Kristof (NYT)

Obviously I haven't listed every major liberal blogger or columnist, but I've got many of the most influential here.  And as with elected delegates, the popular vote, and the number states, the majority favor Obama.

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