November 21, 2004

Before You Marry a Canadian...

The posts on range from a bit disturbing to very funny:

3885 shaik Jeddah  Like to marry an interested american women below 40 a post graduate in Chemistry.working as a Marketing manager in Jamjoom . more laterchemicals,Jeddah. 

1231 Shana Toronto  Don't like Bush? You'll like mine! 

2558 Rachel Columbus  Please marry me. I have a dream...never having to see another Jesus Fish.

3850 Dr. Moo Vancouver  Need another wife ..... quota not filled ... yet ... Save your soul ... Save your sanity ... 

3805 Tim Edmonton, AB  Canadian men can make love in a canoe. 'Nuf said. I have a canoe. 

3168 Paul TORONTO  We've been waiting for this moment since Nixon. 

1486 Michel Anreschviller (France)  Géniale idée !!! Mais avez-vous pensé à faire la même chose pour les français qui ne supportent plus Chirac ?
[Great idea! But have you thought of doing the same thing for French people who can't stand Chirac anymore?]

3161 Ryan Moosehead, Ontario  Too bad aboot that election, eh? 

2561 dennis kamloops bc  HEY I LIKE TO SMOKE POT!

2346 Nick London UK  Come to Britain! 59,999,999 clever people and one stupid one living in Downing Street!

2180 Richard Munich, Germany  I am German, male, 46, 1.86 cm 
[I hope he meant to say meters…]

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